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Gueguen Mikael, 02/17/2015 11:31 AM

Code saturne

code Saturne est installée sous /sw/codes avec openmpi, et cgns :

homer@thor ~]$ module help codes/saturne/3.2.1

----------- Module Specific Help for 'codes/saturne/3.2.1' --------

    modules - loads the code_saturne 3.2.1  environment

    compiled with openmpi, and cgns

    This adds /sw/codes/saturne/3.2.1/gnu/* to several of the
    environment variables.

    Version 3.2.1

[homer@thor ~]$ module show codes/saturne/3.2.1

module-whatis     loads the code_saturne environment
conflict     mpt/2.10 intel-mpi-4/
module         load openmpi/1.8.3
module         load lib/cgns/3.1.4
setenv         SATURNE_ROOT /sw/codes/saturne/3.2.1/gnu
prepend-path     PATH /sw/codes/saturne/3.2.1/gnu/bin
prepend-path     PATH /sw/codes/saturne/3.2.1/gnu/libexec/code_saturne
prepend-path     MANPATH /sw/codes/saturne/3.2.1/gnu/share/man

[gueguenm@thor ~]$